Party Rules

  • Covid-19 vaccination proof and a physical form of photo identification to match are required to enter. A pic of your vaccination document is okay but please bring the actual ID. You must be fully vaccinated, i.e. you have waited 14 days from the second shot in your first series. We do not check for boosters at this time.

  • Clothes check is optional, however cell phone, bag and in winter months coat check are mandatory. You may check as many of your belongings (clothes, bags, etc.) as you like at no additional charge, and you are free to undress down to underwear or nothing except your shoes if you wish.

  • No anal sex or oral-anal contact. This rule is community-enforced. Please help call out violators and alert the host if you see anyone fucking.

  • Poppers are allowed, but don't overdo it. If you're on blood pressure medication or you've taken Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or other erection-enhancing pills, please refrain from using poppers as they can induce cardiac arrest.

  • Please note that if you have your pants around your ankles, unscrupulous individuals may try to steal what you have in your pockets. While we don't expect this to happen on a Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon, past experience at late-night parties has shown it to be possible, so you are encouraged to check any valuables in our secure, manned clothes and bag check. If you have concerns, please ask us.

  • While we can't compel you to give up your personal device, if you choose not to check your phone please turn it off. If you take it out even to check the time you will be warned and if you do it again you'll be asked to leave without a refund. If it lights up, please check it!

  • Be respectful of everyone, even if you're not into everyone at the party.

  • In general, let groups of two do their thing without jumping in. If you see a guy blowing another guy, feel free to watch at a bit of a distance unless they look like they want you to become involved. Use your best judgment.

  • No alcohol is served at the party and BYOB is not allowed. Soft drinks and bottled water are sold by the venue for $3 or $4.