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Party Rules

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  • Clothes check is required. You must be in underwear or less with your shoes on. We provide you with a hanger and a small bag for what cannot be hung. Feel free to bring your own bag.

  • No anal contact. This includes eating ass and fingering, and the reason for this rule is that we want an environment free of fecal matter. This rule is community-enforced. Please help call out violators and alert the host if you see anyone fucking, eating ass or opening one up.

  • No bags inside play space.

  • No smoking or vaping. No BYOB.

  • Poppers are allowed, but don't overdo it. If you're on blood pressure medication or you've taken Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or other erection-enhancing pills, please refrain from using poppers as they can induce cardiac arrest!

  • Be respectful of everyone, even if you're not into everyone at the party.

  • In general, let groups of two do their thing without jumping in. If you see a guy blowing another guy, feel free to watch at a bit of a distance unless they look like they want you to become involved. Use your best judgment.

  • No alcohol is served at the party and BYOB is not allowed.

  • Complimentary soft drinks, water, mints and chocolates are served in the bar area.

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