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About Blow Buddies NYC

Blow Buddies NYC is a weekly sex party for gay and bisexual men who love getting their dicks sucked and / or who love sucking dick. Our name was inspired by the now-shuttered San Francisco sex hang-out Blow Buddies and a New York party of the same name from years past.


Our parties welcome all kinds of men and all kinds of penises, from micro to monster. Fellatio is an art form, as many of us know, and it can be fun to share your dick with multiple guys in an evening or suck off several guys. Because we don't allow anal sex at our parties, you can keep your equipment cleaner and rest assured that the risk of HIV transmission from oral sex is miniscule. The bathroom is stocked with alcohol-based mouthwash to rinse with after being with a guy and keep your breath smelling fresh.


Married, straight, bi, on the dl? No problem. We welcome men of all kinds. If you are contagious with any illness or your personal hygiene and appearance do not meet ordinary standards, you will not be allowed to enter. Come showered and wearing deodorant with a relaxed attitude and in the mood to meet and connect with other guys.

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